I want you to see other people…

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So, you come to our OT assessment session, I ask you a lot of questions, take a bunch of information and we have an appointment to discuss the assessment results. Then I make a few referrals to see other practitioners.

What!??? I want you to go see other people?

Yes! I don’t want you just see me!


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Guess what? I cannot do my job alone. I am not an expert on everything and I know when I need other eyes on a situation. I rely on other amazing professionals around me to use their expertise and different frame of reference to give me their clinical opinion.

But Jenn, why do you do this? Don’t you want all the business?

Well sure, that’d be great! However, I am not a practitioner who will drag out treatment sessions in order to make more money.

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The reality is, if there is an underlying medical issue that is better addressed by another health care practitioner, or addressed before my treatment, then what I might do may help some, but it won’t get to the root of the issue.

A great example of this is when I refer to my colleague Kim at the Face Forward Centre for OMT. Whenever I see behavioural issues, I dig deeper into what sleep looks like. I will do a screening for orofacial myofunctional issues (a.k.a. oral muscular issues) and then will send you to Kim for in-depth assessment! Then when treatment for possible sleep-disordered breathing is started, we can work on self-regulation strategies for your child.

The reality is that if your child cannot breathe properly during sleep or when they’re awake, no amount of sensory strategies will be effective enough to help them regulate!

So yes, I want you to see other people!

The reality is that more minds are better than one and I do this in order to serve you and your family better.