About Me

Hello! I’m Jennifer

   I’m an OT, wife and mother to two little girls, and have been a resident of Kitchener-Waterloo for the last twenty years.  I volunteer in my faith community, and have volunteered with Le Leche League, the Breastfeeding Buddies peer support program, and have publicly spoke with new mothers doing baby-wearing demonstrations.

   As an Occupational Therapist, playing with kids is what I do! I have been working with children since 2006 and have worked in homes, clinics, and schools. Being in these settings has shown me their advantages and disadvantages and how I can best serve my clients. I entered into private practice so that I could serve children and families directly and help them navigate the complex, and often politicized medical and education systems.

My Approach & Values

  I am a mother and therapist who practices attachment parenting which supports the normative, neurological development of the child.

  I strive first and foremost to make my clients feel safe and comfortable. Only after trust and a relationship is established can we work on developing skills. I pride myself on the ability to make someone feel heard and understood and do so by getting down on a child’s level, engaging in their play and working at the child’s pace and comfort level.

 Supporting parents and families is paramount at PossibilOT. When one child is not functioning well at home or school, it throws the rest of the family into discord. It is harder to create routines, to give each family member equal amounts of attention, and often exhausts parents and caregivers. I strive to give both children and families strategies and skills to function better together every day. 

My Experience

  • In homes, clinics and schools
  • With Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, IBI/ABA therapists
  • Diagnoses such as fine and gross delay, Autism, ADHD,                                    Muscular Dystrophy, ODD, Cerebral Palsy, seizure disorders,                          intellectual delay  and medically fragile children
  • Typical children that just need some help with daily skills

My Education

  • BSc Kinesiology – University of Waterloo (2002)
  • MSc Occupational Therapy – University of Western Ontario                             (2006)
  • Licensed with the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario                   (COTO)
  • Member of the Ontario Society of Occupational                                                 Therapists (OSOT)