Seems these days everybody and their uncle has a blog. And everyone has the answer to your question or the TOP TEN THINGS you need to know about….Yep, it’s annoying.  Now, not all blogs are bad. Some serve a very good purpose and connect people well, and some give concrete information that can be really helpful. 

But, a lot of the time they are a collection of various strategies and suggestions that add to the list of things to try that may or may not be helpful. Some blog posts are just lists of other blogs with resources there that you have to hunt down (if the links work) and scroll through. And don’t even get me started on the #toomanypicturesbeforeactualcontent soapbox. 

The issue I take with blogs that post a ton of information is that there is no guidance on how to determine if what you try actually works and why. Now, I get that sometimes people don’t want to know all the reasons why (hello, neuroscience is cool, but complicated) something works, but that it does work for their child and that a stress in their life is decreased / gone. I totally understand the tired parent who just wants a break.

That is where an actual therapist who works with your family comes in. We have already waded through the mounds of information out there (yes, even I drown in the copious amounts of information on the web and I may understand more than the average parent who isn’t also an OT), we have found the most helpful resources for you, and can help you apply it to your kid. Why is this helpful? It is because no one is the same and no one will respond exactly the same way to the same treatment strategy every single time. We are not textbook definitions where strategies can be cut & paste from one child to another and guarantee that it will work all the time. 

I can help you figure out what works for your child, help you figure out what works in your family’s lifestyle (Single? Married? blended family? Multi-generation family home?). I can help you tweak strategies to work for YOU.

PossibilOT provides family-centred solutions and strategies to help everyone function a little better every day. 

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