What is Occupational Therapy?

No, but I can check for normative range of motion in different areas of your body and I know what dysfunction looks like and when to refer you to Physiotherapy.

No. Some Occupational Therapists work with people returning to work after injury (i.e. WSIB work) and help with grading the level of difficulty of work to the strength you currently have, so that you don’t re-injure yourself. OTs can work with your employer to set reasonable expectations and progression of return to normal duties.

So Jenn, if you don’t do that, what do you do?

In pediatric Occupational Therapy I work with you and your child on the job of childhood: learning. Is learning hard for them? What is making it hard? Where are there limitations? In the child’s current coping skills or the environment in which they need to function? Are there systemic issues at play?

I analyze the situation you’re having difficulty with, determine where the limitations are and help you and your child reach goals set that we set together.

Families I support often struggle with:

  • Bedtime
  • Sleep (in its entirety)
  • Bath-time
  • Meals
  • Transitions to / from places and activities
  • Dressing /clothing pickiness
  • Attention / staying on task
  • Finding activities that stimulate a child enough and tire them out
  • And, meltdowns about all of the above.

I help by providing family-centred solutions and strategies to help address these issues (and more) and help the entire family function better every day.

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