I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on what has brought me to where I am in life right now, and how all of the roads I walked on have led me here.  Who is Jennifer? 

Fun facts: 

  • Born in Quebec
  • Raised in Peterborough 
  • daughter of a Contractor & Nurse
  • Mother to two daughters
  • Loves medical dramas  
  • Cannot hit a ball with a bat to save her life 
  • Did 15 years of dance (Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical)
  • I was a Cheerleader and an Aerobics Instructor
  • I’m not scared of manual labour (see daughter on Contractor) 
  • I thought I wanted to be a Physiotherapist
  • I did Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo

Common Themes

  • The science of movement
  • All involve injury and rehabilitation
  • Psychological and biological systems studied and applied
  • Working with people of all ages and abilities

Now I am here, working with you and your families, using these life experience to inform my Occupational Therapy practice. Mama, therapist, woman and friend, and using all of these roles to better help the families who entrust themselves and their children to me.